• review rating 5  Hands down the best Internet company in town, Fast service, friendly technicians, and the technician that helped me with my networking for my house went above and beyond. I Suggest this company to anyone in the valley looking for amazing costumer service.

    thumb Mark Winter

    review rating 5  Best option for internet in the Valley. Every time I’ve had an issue it has been fixed right away. Excellent customer service! The computer repair shop has helpful, knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend!

    thumb Tim Ryckman

    review rating 5  The staff at Swift Internet are amazing and have been very helpful. If I have had any issues, they have been resolved quickly and effectively. Great product with great service!

    thumb Kathy Mogg
  • review rating 5  Great service! I've been in the office in downtown Creston quite a few times and the customer service is terrific; always have time to answer my questions. I have the basic internet package for 38 bucks and change and it provides me wifi and it does the job for me perfectly. I cut the chord a few years ago already, and the basic (even though only 3mbps or whatever) gets me CBC gem and all the streaming tv on the internet that I need. WONDERFUL!

    thumb mark keating

    review rating 5  Great internet. And even better service. Outstanding .

    thumb Bryce Belanger

    review rating 5  Long time costumer, Was able to provided us High speed internet when knowone else could. Excellent Service, Excellent Job

    thumb Jack Bennis
  • review rating 5  Excellent service, Peter was very conscientious, polite and curtious. Office staff are also very helpful and pleasant. The 3mbs service works amazingly well, perfect for wifi calling, surfing the web, streaming movies and shows. Couldn't ask for better. Great job

    thumb daniel leblond

    review rating 5  Amazing service and excellent to deal with. Swift was there for us when no one else was. We are temporarily away from home for a month or two and Swift brought us internet to where we are living in the interim. Definitely going to give them my business once we're home again. I cannot give high enough praise.

    thumb Chris Knudsen

    review rating 5  Consistent, reliable internet provision with excellent customer service! Extremely satisfied and couldn't ask for more.

    thumb Nathan Kenny
  • review rating 5  Great Service... amazing employees, Great prices.. Thank you

    thumb Ada Davies

    review rating 5  Absolute great customer service with courteous and excellent staff to interact with. I highly recommend Swift Internet to anyone who is interested in friendly, and quick reliable customer service.

    thumb Gerald Loewen

    review rating 5  We have been using Swift For our internet service since they started out. The service has always been...well...Swift! We can't say that we see them very often since there have been very few issues. When we did need service, the technician that came to our home was excellent. When we have any questions at all we have always receive a fast and friendly response. Sure glad they brought this service to Canyon!

    thumb Diane Furlong


  • review rating 5  Kit and his team at Swift are friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, and on top of things! Fast, personal service, and in the rare event of any issues, they are quick to resolve them. We highly recommend Swift internet!

    thumb Kyersten Kerr

    review rating 5  Great service and so helpful been with Swift Internet for a couple of years and, just had Adam out today to upgrade my internet and right now they are here and so helpful with another problem I had with my computer. No waiting on line for hours to get help.

    thumb Marion Evans

    review rating 5  Kit and his team are amazing. The connection they provide is fast and extremely stable. It will allow multiple users on Netflix, and web browsing simultaneously, with no trouble. But honestly, its the costumer support that puts this internet connection above the rest.

    thumb Corey Wittig
  • review rating 5  We have had excellent service from Swift internet! Great rates, fast internet, immediate help with any problems. A company with integrity! What a blessing!

    thumb Gennesa Mann

    review rating 4  swift out of all other Internet providers in my area service has become the best I've ever experienced

    thumb Byron Nygren

    review rating 5  We've had Swift Internet since February now and are extremely happy with it. Great product, great company. Thanks!

    thumb Ryan Cassell
  • review rating 5  Speedy response time and best internet rate in the valley (out shinning the big guys).

    thumb Lana Stace-Smith

    review rating 5  Initial set up and Service was fast friendly and professional. I am a Very happy customer.

    thumb Tara Dickson

    review rating 5  Extremely pleased with the service that Kitt & Adam provide!

    thumb Rhonda Taylor-Leippi
  • review rating 0  everything. it was so easy and inexpensive. The quality is awesome, the service was awesome. I will definitely recommend Swift to everyone.

    thumb Nik McCready

    review rating 5  Working with Kitt and the team at Swift Internet has been a fantastic experience. I highly recommend!

    thumb Jordan Eliason

    review rating 5  So happy with Swift Internet, it is fast and Kit will make sure it will stay that way. Thanks Kitt Santano, you are amazing !

    thumb Lois Douville
  • review rating 5  Not a single complaint. Great service, quick response. What can I say. That about says it all.

    thumb Robert Bruce

    review rating 5  Great service,quick response our internet been acting weird for 3days after telling them about it they found out our router dieing they changed it right away cant beat that.

    thumb Din Dt

    review rating 5  I have been with Swift Internet for my business for almost 2 years and I am so pleased with the service. I need the Internet to run my business and Swift Internet has been the best, most reliable internet I have ever had. If it ever has a hiccup, which is's just a quick phone call and Kitt or one of his technicians is there to help within minutes. I would highly recommend this Internet service and I look forward to having Swift as my provider for years to come. Thank you Kitt and Natalie as well as all your team that provide us with such fantastic service!!

    thumb Scottie Leduc
  • review rating 5  Great servise always get back to you asap...super fast and afordable intetnet!

    thumb Jaime Lawrence

    review rating 5  Swift has been so good to us, their service is incredible and affordable. They set up our latest internet needs on the same day we called. The service man was super friendly too! I recommend this fabulous local business whenever the internet provider discussion comes up.

    thumb Zavallennahh Huscroft Young

    review rating 0  Fast and quick service. Friendly staff 😁

    thumb Amanda Ducharme
  • review rating 5  Great service! Quick to answer and friendly techs!

    thumb Ashley Grant

    review rating 5  great speed very friendly custom service! glad i made the switch

    thumb Lacey Garrison

    review rating 5  Incredible, fast customer service! Fast, reliable Internet too!

    thumb Robin Naylor Blackmore