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5 Stars - Based on 133 User Reviews

Ethan was amazing!! Professional, patient and kind. I will certainly refer Swift Internet to colleagues, friends and family. Well done Ethan!!!

Betty M.
29 Jul 2020

Great service! I believe his name was Andrew? He was early and actually helped me quickly look at my car after it got damaged while I was driving into my driveway! He had everything set up in no time, explained everything and made sure all was working before he left! My husband and I are VERY happy with the service we received! We actually wish we had this service back in Alberta as well!!

Mandy P.
24 Jul 2020

Called for service today and 30 min later they were here! Fixed the problem right away. Wish more businesses had such amazing customer service. You guys rock😀😀

Helga S.
16 Jul 2020

We have been a Swift customer since we moved to Creston in April 2020. They were fast, efficient and friendly with our initial TV and Internet install and setup. They have also been very helpful anytime we had any minor questions.

Today we contacted them to ask about a problem we were having trying to find the channel search feature. Not only did Samantha help us find what we needed but she advised they had a newer TV box and remote and would have a tech come and install it. One of their techs (Justice) called and arranged to come by later that day and do the change over. He is another pleasant knowledgeable staff member who explained the basic changes and improvements and completed the job in no time

Customer Service - what a pleasure 🙂

Bruce W.
14 Jul 2020

The service quality is the only positive thing you're paying for.
Micro stutter, packet loss, extreme latency spikes (1-3000ms); This internet quality is perfect for people with very little internet use or limited knowledge involving internet. If you're someone that likes perfect stability without having to WAIT for it to be useable, then avoid this service.

Unlimited monthly data use for ALL plans. This is just an excuse to rack up the prices and to do less monitoring work. Even if you had constant usage (Like a download in the background) the data consumption wouldn't even make it to 500Gbs-1Tb in a month due to how slow and inconsistent it is.

To be fair it is reasonable considering the options you have in Creston, but that won't justify the problems.

My N.
11 Jul 2020

Fabulous service! We have had great reception!

Cara B.
11 Jun 2020

The young man that came to do my hook up was not only very polite but SUPER helpful and went above and beyond what he needed to do. Thank you so much.

Mark K.
10 Jun 2020

Swift has always been at the top of my list of a great partner company, they responde quick to any issues, they are always professional, the cost is excellent considering the service you receive. I'm a customer since the beggining and will recomend them to anyone.

Percy B.
04 Jun 2020

Thank you Kitt and staff. You always go above and beyond!!

Ginny S.
04 Jun 2020

Great customer support, very professional and reasonable pricing

Gerald H.
15 May 2020

Very friendly and courteous technicians. Would highly recommend swift for internet.

Michelle R.
14 May 2020

Pleasant, knowledgeable staff. Fast and free set up. I would recommend Swift.

Warren Y.
14 May 2020

Great internet service as always even on stat holidays, staff are always very courteous.

Shelley E.
13 Apr 2020

Highly recommend! 10/10 customer service!

Braedyn H.
07 Feb 2020

I would like to thank Piotr of Swift Internet for being able to trouble shoot the problem of my receiver not connecting the sound to my TV for Netflix programs. There was no mention in the receiver set up that I required a fiber optic cable to make this happen but Piotr researched this and found that cable should do the trick and it did. Thanks again Piotr and Swift Internet for the technical support and quick response even with all that snow we were experiencing at the time.

22 Jan 2020

Over the years we have had many internet service providers but none even come close to the next level SUPERIOR customer service we have received from Swift. Even in the late evening hours when we have reached out with an issue, there is someone there to solve the issue within minutes. I highly recommend them for your next service provider.

Lisa S.
18 Jan 2020

Have been great to deal with and very reasonable rates and good quality!
Keep up the good work!

Sigita F.
31 Dec 2019

Swift Internet is a great company. They offer so many options. Their sales and service team and technicians are very helpful, personable and all provide exceptional service. I would definitely recommend this company to my friends and family.

Norann B.
31 Dec 2019

The entire team at Swift Internet are helpful and personable and they all provide excellent service. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Norann D.
31 Dec 2019

Kit & his "Team" goes above & beyond in providing awesome customer & product service. Highly recommend.
Brian, Bon, & Lynsey- West Creston

Brian P.
26 Dec 2019

I was a customer starting in June of 2018 and was always please with the internet and customer service. In October of 2019 I start working for Swift, I can truthfully say that what you see on the outside of the company is the same on the inside. Kitt and the team at Swift are a great to work with and focus on providing Creston and surrounding area both with affordable quality internet and great customer care.

Lucas R.
22 Dec 2019

These guys are great, they have super service and are so friendly and helpful, never a problem they cant fix. I highly recommend them to anyone .

Twila W.
18 Dec 2019

Samantha called today to see how our Internet service is doing and we told her we’re extremely happy with it and also with the excellent customer service. Highly recommended!!!

Melinda M.
17 Dec 2019

Installed for our seasonal residence - fast service, quick install and great follow-up. Also appreciate not being locked into a contract so we can shut it off in the winter when we're not there! Great!

Danny T.
16 Dec 2019

A good small company that is customer focused,never a major problem,I hope that more people leave the big guys( Telus ,Rodgers and Bell) you won’t regret it.Excellect service and better pricing.

James C.
12 Dec 2019

We are extremely happy with the services provided by everyone at Swift. They are not content to just provide basic service but continually strive to offer innovative products and services backed by truly dedicated technical support personnel. Although we live in a rural location, we consistently receive timely support and they always check back later to ensure everything is working as it should. Swift's incentives are beneficial to both new and existing customers as well as the company itself. We avail ourselves of their internet and TV services, with far superior pricing and reliability than the traditional providers. In an era with so many outsourced products and businesses, it’s important to promote and support a locally-based company like Swift Internet Plus Computer Repair that consistently demonstrates integrity, quality and dedication to their clients.

Rory S.
11 Dec 2019

Ok just a big misunderstanding on my end and I strongly apologize for jumping to conclusions before talking to swift. I'm trying to run 5 Business from BC to Manitoba and somehow things got screwed up. I apologize as I talked to one of the swift staff today and he could not have been more pleasant to deal with. bad. I owe you guys a coffee. Stop by soon.

Craves D.
08 Dec 2019

My wife and I are extremely pleased with the professional and yet personal level of service we received from Swift Internet's technical and administrative staff. It was reminiscent of past service levels when companies actually delivered on time and in a personal manner. It sure beats dealing with the big players in the internet delivery business.

22 Nov 2019

wow these guys are the best... love the people, love the service.... 6 stars out of 5...

Kelly F.
12 Sep 2019

What a refreshing experience every time I go into this business. The customer service is outstanding! You expect a certain level of customer service when you go into any business because you're a customer, and you're there because you need something. The staff is amazing, actually focused on you, not what they were doing or working on when you walked in, but totally on you and your particular needs. They listen intently as you best describe the problem you're having and when you've provided all the information you can in "lay man's" terms, they go into full on problem solving mode. You immediately become aware of their level of expertise as they explain possible reasons for the issue you're having, backed up by a cost effective solution. Sometimes the cost is zero as they explain how it "wasn't a big problem to fix", and they're just happy they were able to help you. Does that even happen anymore? You stand at the counter, almost unable to process what you just heard, because it was a pretty big issue to you and you couldn't figure it out. You leave the store feeling great, thinking how lucky you are to live here and have a computer store like Swift Internet at your fingertips to help you when you need them. Swift Internet is my internet provider, always will be and Swift Internet will always receive my computer repair business because they earned it!

Stefan W.
31 Aug 2019