Kitt Santano

I was born and raised in the Kootenay’s and have spent most of my life in the beautiful Creston Valley. I am the youngest (by 10 minutes. thanks to my speedy twin brother) of 8 children, and my mom raised us all by herself. I am the only one out of my big family who is left-handed, thus giving me an “upper hand” on my unique-ness .

I have always had a love of technology and would spend my childhood collecting and fixing anything with a motor or battery. I met my lovely wife, when helping her with her computer while we were in our early twenties. Shortly after, we started a computer retail/repair business in downtown Creston. We transitioned the company to solely focusing on providing our community top notch Internet.

It has never been Swift’s intentions to compare or compete with larger telco’s in regards to speed, but to provide a product that met the needs of those who did not fall into the service area’s deemed unprofitable for the larger providers to service. Over the years, something amazing has happened, we have customers who have chosen to join us, rather than the larger providers. This has been an amazing blessing!

We have been married 13 years now and have 7 amazing kiddos. Life is so blessed! As a family we love metal detecting, going to the beach, and bike riding. We love where we live, and the opportunity to work and grow our business by helping the community. Swift Internet will continue to dedicate time and resources to be the unmatched parallel provider with top notch service and customer experience.