I was born and raised in London, Ontario. I moved to British Columbia back in 2012 to enjoy my hobbies including hiking, camping and canoeing. My favourite thing is climbing to the peak of a mountain and taking in the world around me. My personal motto is “Journey before destination, to love the journey is to accept no such end, the most important step a person can take is always the next one.” In 2022 I married the most amazing woman I have ever met,  She would climb to the top of the mountains with me, without giving up, even in the most intense heat of the summer, She is kind, caring and my adventure partner for life!

I have always loved technology, solving problems, construction and the outdoors and the ability to be able to work in the most remote places, on top of mountains dealing with harsh environments , and to be able to use modern technology to solve problems  and bring our customers Internet in the most remote locations is amazing!

The most inspiring part of my job is coming up with creative ideas to improve the infrastructure and network of Swift, from designing new towers, testing state of the art technology, and finding creative solutions to solve difficult problems and maintaining a complex yet dynamic network.