• review rating 5  So happy with Swift Internet, it is fast and Kit will make sure it will stay that way. Thanks Kitt Santano, you are amazing !

    thumb Lois Douville

    review rating 5  Working with Kitt and the team at Swift Internet has been a fantastic experience. I highly recommend!

    thumb Jordan Eliason

    review rating 5  I have been with Swift Internet for my business for almost 2 years and I am so pleased with the service. I need the Internet to run my business and Swift Internet has been the best, most reliable internet I have ever had. If it ever has a hiccup, which is rare...it's just a quick phone call and Kitt or one of his technicians is there to help within minutes. I would highly recommend this Internet service and I look forward to having Swift as my provider for years to come. Thank you Kitt and Natalie as well as all your team that provide us with such fantastic service!!

    thumb Scottie Leduc

    review rating 5  Couldn't ask for better internet service! These guys are the best hands down!! Thank you Kitt, Adam and Tim for always addressing any issues we have with quick, friendly service. You go above and beyond.

    thumb Lisa Gayle
  • review rating 5  Great service,quick response our internet been acting weird for 3days after telling them about it they found out our router dieing they changed it right away cant beat that.

    thumb Din Dt

    review rating 5  We've had Swift Internet since February now and are extremely happy with it. Great product, great company. Thanks!

    thumb Ryan Cassell

    review rating 5  Not a single complaint. Great service, quick response. What can I say. That about says it all.

    thumb Robert Bruce

    review rating 5  Great service and so helpful been with Swift Internet for a couple of years and, just had Adam out today to upgrade my internet and right now they are here and so helpful with another problem I had with my computer. No waiting on line for hours to get help.

    thumb Marion Evans
  • review rating 5  great speed very friendly custom service! glad i made the switch

    thumb Lacey Garrison

    review rating 5  Swift has been so good to us, their service is incredible and affordable. They set up our latest internet needs on the same day we called. The service man was super friendly too! I recommend this fabulous local business whenever the internet provider discussion comes up.

    thumb Zavallennahh Huscroft Young

    review rating 5  We are so thankful that we switched over to Swift internet. Thanks for the great service!!

    thumb Denise Ludwar

    review rating 0  everything. it was so easy and inexpensive. The quality is awesome, the service was awesome. I will definitely recommend Swift to everyone.

    thumb Nik McCready

    review rating 5  Kitt and company are really service focused and have given me the help needed with my new computer and software. Really helps when one is older and struggles with new programs. Now that we have moved away from Creston, I have really come to recognize how great the service was from Swift. In our new home in Alberta, the speed is slower, the cost is much more and service is only an e-mail response when you really need help. Enjoy what you have in Creston because the big city world does not compare. Cheers Len

    thumb Len H Parkin

    review rating 5  Phenomenal local internet service provider offering great customer service at a reasonable price!

    thumb Piotr Fornal

    review rating 5  Best. Internet. Company. EVER. Bar none. No exceptions. Stellar customer service, awwese rates, super friendly and only knowledgeable techs, who ALSO man the front desk and phones, so you don't have to explain and be transferred to fifty different people prior to finding one who understands your problem. Simply the best! Why settle for Shaw when you could have Swift??!

    thumb Rose Friesen

    review rating 5  Amazing service and excellent to deal with. Swift was there for us when no one else was. We are temporarily away from home for a month or two and Swift brought us internet to where we are living in the interim. Definitely going to give them my business once we're home again. I cannot give high enough praise.

    thumb Chris Knudsen