• review rating 0  Amazing service and excellent to deal with. Swift was there for us when no one else was. We are temporarily away from home for a month or two and Swift brought us internet to where we are living in the interim. Definitely going to give them my business once we're home again. I cannot give high enough praise.

    thumb Chris Knudsen

    review rating 0  Fast and quick service. Friendly staff 😁

    thumb Amanda Ducharme

    review rating 5  Not a single complaint. Great service, quick response. What can I say. That about says it all.

    thumb Robert Bruce

    review rating 5  So happy with Swift Internet, it is fast and Kit will make sure it will stay that way. Thanks Kitt Santano, you are amazing !

    thumb Lois Douville
  • review rating 5  We have had excellent service from Swift internet! Great rates, fast internet, immediate help with any problems. A company with integrity! What a blessing!

    thumb Gennesa Mann

    review rating 5  great speed very friendly custom service! glad i made the switch

    thumb Lacey Garrison

    review rating 5  Initial set up and Service was fast friendly and professional. I am a Very happy customer.

    thumb Tara Dickson

    review rating 5  Kit and his team at Swift are friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, and on top of things! Fast, personal service, and in the rare event of any issues, they are quick to resolve them. We highly recommend Swift internet!

    thumb Kyersten Kerr
  • review rating 5  We've had Swift Internet since February now and are extremely happy with it. Great product, great company. Thanks!

    thumb Ryan Cassell

    review rating 0  everything. it was so easy and inexpensive. The quality is awesome, the service was awesome. I will definitely recommend Swift to everyone.

    thumb Nik McCready

    review rating 5  Kitt is a great guy and he does amazing work.

    thumb Danielle Cameron

    review rating 5  Great service,quick response our internet been acting weird for 3days after telling them about it they found out our router dieing they changed it right away cant beat that.

    thumb Din Dt

    review rating 5  Great Service... amazing employees, Great prices.. Thank you

    thumb Ada Davies

    review rating 5  We have been using Swift For our internet service since they started out. The service has always been...well...Swift! We can't say that we see them very often since there have been very few issues. When we did need service, the technician that came to our home was excellent. When we have any questions at all we have always receive a fast and friendly response. Sure glad they brought this service to Canyon!

    thumb Diane Furlong

    review rating 5  Kitt and company are really service focused and have given me the help needed with my new computer and software. Really helps when one is older and struggles with new programs. Now that we have moved away from Creston, I have really come to recognize how great the service was from Swift. In our new home in Alberta, the speed is slower, the cost is much more and service is only an e-mail response when you really need help. Enjoy what you have in Creston because the big city world does not compare. Cheers Len

    thumb Len H Parkin

    review rating 5  Having recently retired from the UK where my Job was IT and Networking for schools I was interested in what was available for Canyon. I contacted the 2 big named companies, one didn't respond at all, the other told me that they needed to add my location to their system before they could do anything. After 2 weeks, still nothing, I noticed an advert for Swift and asked them the same question, what was possible in Canyon? Two hours later they were on site checking what was possible, an hour later I was online and have been now for just under 3 months without issue. Great company, great attitude and super professional, well done guys. Dave

    thumb Dave Wade