Swift Internet's  professionalism has been outstanding. I can use the services I need, when I need to use them. That is very important to me. I do not mean that Netflix streaming 24/7 is essential but being able to access Netflix, YouTube, And Twitch.tv as well as steam, and 'good old games'  when needed is hugely awesome.
-John Bruce


The Swift team is amazing. The connection they provide is fast and extremely stable. It will allow multiple users on Netflix, and web browsing simultaneousy, with no trouble. But honestly, it’s the customer support that puts this internet connection above the rest.
-Corey Wittig


Swift Internet is amazing and by far the best service provider in the Creston Valley!!!! I've have had all the other providers in Wynndel and no one has came close! They are quick and get the job done right the first time, none of this "Ya maybe I can come fix it tomorrow" if you call Swift they are there. And, if you want to do true online gaming with great latency and great speed, then Swift Internet is what you need!
-Jacob Grimm


Have had great service from Swift Internet!!!! The Swift team has diligently worked on any problems that have arisen with my service and has restored it to optimal performance in a short period of time. I find the service to be quite reliable.
-Lisa and Dean Smith


So happy with Swift Internet, it is fast and Kitt will make sure it will stay that way. Thanks Swift, you guys are amazing!
-Lois Douville